Hi, I'm George Jose

Engineering Lead @ Drop Technologies.
Love all things Engineering, Tech and Web.
Mechatronics Engineer.

About Me

Work Experience

Engineering Lead

Drop Technologies

January 2019 - Present
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  • Technologies used: Javascript/Typescript, Ruby on Rails, Docker, Kubernetes

Drop Technologies

April 2018 - January 2019
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Senior Consultant

    Security Enhancement Program - Top Canadian Retailer (Current)
  • Tech lead overseeing security enhancements across 4 online ecommerce properties
  • Technologies used: Java, Springboot, React
  • Self Scan and Mobile Checkout Program - Top Canadian Retailer
  • Transition tech lead & senior backend developer
  • Technologies used: Java, Spring

Deloitte Canada

August 2017 - January 2018
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    Loyalty Program - Top Canadian Retailer
  • Analytics Lead & Front end React developer on a customer facing loyalty points web application
  • Technologies used: JavaScript (ES6), React.js, Redux.js
  • Sales demo app
  • Tech Lead - Architected solution & led team of developers & designers building full stack microservices-based application to demonstrate Deloitte Digital’s end to end dev & devops capabilities
  • Technologies used: JavaScript (ES6), React.js, Redux.js, Docker, Jenkins

Deloitte Canada

July 2016 - July 2017
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Business Technology Analyst

    Digital Transformation Program - Sonnet Insurance
  • Solution Architect
  • Rubix by Deloitte
  • Tech Lead - blockchain / distributed application development
  • #ConnectedBank APIs
  • Designed, developed & deployed several APIs written in Node.js for an iOS banking app
  • Digital Transformation - Top 5 Canadian Bank
  • Managed all program finances

Deloitte Canada

Jan 2015 - July 2016
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Engineering Intern, Quality

  • Reduced average defects per unit in Medium Voltage Drives from 10.2 to 7 using pareto & Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA) and implementing countermeasures; led to significant cost savings
  • Greatly simplified root cause and pareto analysis by developing self-updating quality analysis tool using Python & VBA; interfaced with SAP databases using ODBC
  • Played key role in technology transfer to new facility in Brazil

Rockwell Automation

Oct - Dec 2012
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Software Developer Co-op

  • Designed and implemented tablet-based solution using J2EE to optimize annual inventory process
  • Improved efficiency of annual inventory process by about 50%, leading to cost savings of $200k+ annually; savings attained by replacing inefficient paper-based system with newly designed system involving tablets & centralized database
  • Developed several modules for internal software system used to audit employee hours and plan vacation days

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Co.

Jan - Apr 2012
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Manufacturing Engineering Co-op

  • Created and modified several parts and drawings in Solidworks for production
  • Designed and implemented an internal company request management system using PHP, MySQL, HTML & JS in order to streamline process leading up to manufacturing
  • Designed and implemented database for parts using MS SQL Server & C# with graphical front-end

2Source Manufacturing

May - Aug 2011
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Electrical Engineering Co-op

  • Played key role in project management, project co-ordination and tracking, document control & site inspections for 500kV Static Var Compensator construction project owned by HydroOne, Siemens and Areva

Siemens Canada

Sep - Dec 2012
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Deloitte Machine Learning Hackathon

  • Won 1st place (team of 4) at Deloitte Cognitive & Machine Learning Hackathon
  • Predicted likelihood of promoted content being clicked, given large quantities of metadata (>30GB)
  • Technologies used: Python, Scikit-learn, SQL, Jupyter

Deloitte Cognitive & Machine Learning Hackathon

Oct 2016

HackerNews App 

  • Designed and built an iOS HackerNews client using React Native
  • Technologies used: JavaScript, React Native, MobX

Personal Project

Apr 2017

Where's my TTC? 

  • Built live map showing real-time locations of Toronto streetcars & buses
  • Technologies used: React, RxJS, React-Map-Gl, Nextbus API, Redis

Personal Project

May 2017

Government of Ontario Data crawler 

  • Built script in python to crawl publicly available data from Government of Ontario
  • Data crawled include names, titles, parent organizations, reporting hierarchy, salaries etc. of government employees
  • Technologies used: Python, BeautifulSoup

Deloitte Hackathon

Mar 2016

Hue Ambience 

  • Wrote script to create immersive media experience by changing light colors based on objects shown on screen
  • Script continuously monitors colors of pixels on screen edge & changes Hue lightbulb colors and intensities in near real-time
  • Technologies used: Python, Quartz

Personal Project

Jan 2016

Apple Watch Stocks App 

  • Designed & built a simple portfolio management app for Apple Watch
  • Technologies used: Swift, Apple Watch SDK, Xcode

Personal Project

Sep 2015

World Moodlight

  • Built an application in Python to change Hue light colors based on how the world is feeling
  • World mood is determined from public tweets using the wefeel API
  • Technologies used: Raspberry Pi, Python, Hue API

Personal Project

Jan 2015

3D Laser Scanner

  • Designed and built low cost, innovative laser sensor capable of modeling its environment and objects around it in 3 dimensions. 3D point cloud data is streamed to computer in real time wirelessly over UDP
  • Possible applications: autonomous robot navigation, physical object replication, animation and 3D modeling
  • Technologies used: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, C++, Matlab, Meshlab, image processing, UDP, ZigBee, Motors, Optical encoder

Final Year Design Project

Sep 2013 - Apr 2014

Dynamic Facebook Like-meter T-Shirt

  • Designed and built ‘Like-meter’ LED T-shirt in 24 hours
  • LEDs in ‘Like-meter’ light up as people like your recent activity on Facebook
  • Technologies used: Raspberry Pi, Facebook API, Python

Facebook Hackathon

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Real Time Operating System

  • Programmed Real Time Operating System (RTOS) on top of UNIX using C, C++ and concepts in algorithms and data structures
  • Implemented concurrency, timing services, process management, inter-process communication, scheduling and other features
  • Technologies used: C / C++, Algorithms & data structures, *nix

MTE 241 Project

Sep - Dec 2011

Autonomous Boat

  • Designed and created an autonomous boat capable of navigating itself around racecourse
  • Utilized IR proximity sensors and implemented PID controller on Arduino

MTE 380 Project

Jan - Apr 2013


B.A.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering

  • Relevant courses: Machine Intelligence, Computational Neuroscience, Finite Element Methods, Engineering Economics, Real Time Operating Systems, Algorithms & Data Structures, Microprocessor Systems & Interfacing, Linear Systems and Signals, Digital Controls, Power Electronics, Technical Entrepreneurship

University of Waterloo

2009 - 2014
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